A Typical Monday in Photos

As I only work a four day work week, Mondays are typically a day to get caught up in housework. I give the house a good cleaning, I do laundry, I make things like our lunch time snacks and home-made granola, etc. If the weather cooperates, I also do some yard work.

Here are some visuals of my typical Monday.

Folding Laundry

Walnut waits for someone to bark at

Rainy days have some laundry drying inside

Dust, dust, dust

Sweep! Hurry! Hard!

Adding coconut to the granola

I want a robotic vacuum

Heating the oil and vanilla extract for granola

Time to make granola

These are called eggs :-P

After dropping Kristie off at work, I will typically get some groceries

A Good Weekend

Angus basks in the sun, on one of his double walks today.
This has been a really good weekend. Not an amazing weekend, but a good one.

We had an enjoyable Saturday where we made some home-made maki (Thanks to our friends Sandra and Jason for introducing us to this dish). We went to a really good movie, and managed to get out for a walk on Lambton Quay for some window shopping despite the rain.

Sunday, we got to get out for a bit of a run. It wasn't the best weather, but it wasn't the worst either. After the run, we hit the farmers market where we bought an amazing cookie from one of the vendors; straight out of the oven! We got some adobo sauce and picked up our fruit for the week as well. Later we had a bit of a nap, and when we got up the weather had taken a turn for the better, and it was sunny and warm. So to take advantage of the great weather, we took the dogs to Miramar for a double walk.

Dinner had to be rearranged as the recipe we were trying stated that while a great meal, it didn't work well as leftovers. Leftovers is how we get our lunches, so that took it out of the running. So we made a lentil faux-meatloaf for dinner instead.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.

The Lunchbox

Aaargh! I've only got 43 minutes left in the day before I have to get this blog entry completed!

Ok, ummm.....think, man think! Something to blog about, something to blog about... Oh, I know, the movie we just saw! The Lunchbox.

What an amazing movie! Not amazing because of action, or special effects, or musical score. Actually, I don't remember any underlying music in this movie. No, what was great about this movie was simply the story and the acting.

So real quick, here's the premise: An Indian claims officer for an unnamed company, getting ready for early retirement, starts getting the wrong lunch box delivered to him. Apparently, in India, there is an entire economy based on delivering lunches to the Mumbai workforce.

Anyway, Saajan, played by Irrfan Khan starts getting lunches delivered to him from Ila, a lonely and neglected housewife played by Nimrat Kaur. Through the passing back and forth of the lunchbox, private notes are passed to and fro to each person, and a wonderful relationship develops between the anonymous pair. What I loved about their correspondence was the fact that because neither one knew the other, there was an honesty and forthright communication between the two. It was almost like kibitzing a therapy session, only both parties were both the patient and the therapist.

Like I said, the story and the acting made this something great to watch. There was one scene where the Ila and Saajan agreed to meet, and you could almost feel the butterflies in Saajan's stomach fluttering around at the thought of meeting Ila.

I really liked this movie, and if you're interested in a good story, I'd recommend you go and see it.

Turtle Evolution is Lazy

This will be a short blog entry, but something interesting struck me while talking to my cousin via Facebook. My Cousin Raymond is a herpetologist, which is someone who studies reptiles and amphibians.

Anyway, Raymond had posted this photo on his page of him holding a massive snapping turtle. After discussing the photo, he told me that turtles had been around since before the dinosaurs, which I found fascinating. Not because they have been around for so long, but because they have remained hardly changed by the forces of evolution, whereas humanity has basically only existed for what? Less than a million years?

Homo erectus, and homo habilis existed around one and two million years ago, respectively. In that time frame we have evolved into something that can be recognisable as our forbearers, but still vastly different. Whereas, from my point of view, a turtle still looks like a turtle, even 65 million years later. Odontochelys, which is a 220 million transitional fossil, REALLY looks like a turtle to me. 220 million years, and other than ironing out the rough bits, turtle evolution seems to have been a bit slack!

Yeah, I know that it is like comparing prehistoric apples to prehistoric oranges, and I know that just because there is not much of a visible difference, doesn't mean that changes haven't occurred, but I just thought it was interesting. 220 million years of evolution for a turtle, and we can barely see the difference, whereas with only 2 million years of evolution, humans are quite different. Damn, we're a bunch of go-getters!